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Whether you’re watching movies, or enjoying your favorite music, this system is designed to deliver rich, room-filling audio.

  • Exceptional Audio Quality
  • Immersive Surround Sound
  • Wireless Convenience

Immerse yourself in every sound and sensation, and let your multimedia content shine like never before.

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Elevate your audio experience with this stereo speaker system, delivering impressive sound quality.


High-Fidelity Sound: Crystal-clear audio with deep bass.

Satellite Speakers: Adds dimension to your sound.

Compact Design: Fits well in various settings.

Wireless Connectivity: Easy setup with no tangled wires.

What’s included:

  • Stereo Speaker
  • Satellite Speakers
  • Audio cables

Additional information


10 kg


20 × 10 × 15 cm


Black, Purple

2 reviews for Printed Business Card

  1. Michelle Ward

    Encrypted data protection.

  2. Caleb Green

    Handy for tracking investments.

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