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Effortlessly monitor and manage your diverse crypto portfolio. Stay ahead with real-time updates and smart insights.

Main Features

All the right tools, right at your fingertips

Effortlessly monitor and manage your diverse crypto portfolio. Stay ahead with real-time updates and smart insights.

Automatically sync your wallets and exchanges

Automatically sync your wallets and exchanges, keeping your portfolio updated effortlessly.

Smart recurring buys

Set up automatic recurring buys for your preferred assets, ensuring consistent investment.

Customizable widgets

Personalize widgets for instant access to your favorite coins on any device of your choice.

Follow your watchlist

Stay updated on selected projects' performance, so you're ready for the next market opportunities.

Performance Metrics

Impactful user success
and app performance

Insights into app utilization, user growth, and portfolio enhancement - discover how our app drives success.

Our app drives success.
Real metrics from thousands.

Gain insights into how our app has revolutionized managing portfolios, making informed decisions, and achieving financial success.

  • Profitable insights Investments resulted in over 50% profit within six months.
  • Risk mitigation 85% of users decreased high-risk investments.
  • Increased ROI Users reported an average increase in ROI by over 25%.
  • Diversification success 70% of users added at least five new altcoins.
Insightful Data

In-depth insights
and security analysis

Gain deeper understanding and strengthen security with comprehensive reporting and analytics tools.

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Price history data reports & analytics

Access detailed price histories for informed investment decisions.

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Bid history data reports & analytics

Examine comprehensive bid histories for deeper market analysis.

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Security settings logs & analytics

Monitor security settings logs for enhanced asset protection.

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Wide Compatibility

We integrate 500+ exchanges, wallets and blockchains

Connect with exchanges, wallets, and blockchains for comprehensive tracking.

User Success

Discover how our app transformed
these investors' portfolios

Dive into these accounts showcasing how our app serves as a guiding light in navigating the world of cryptocurrency.

Incredible tool, diversified effortlessly, saving 5 hours weekly. It's the key to informed and strategic buys.
Frederic Hill

Founder & CEO

+ 0 %

ROI increase per month

Automated tracking, helped achieve financial goals. A reliable companion for profitable strategies.
Safaa Sampson

Account Executive

0 h

Of work saved weekly

Minimized risk. The app's insights are indispensable for a calculated approach to investing.
Brendan Buck

Data Engineer

- 0 %

Reduction in losses

Smarter Investing

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